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频度副词是副词的一种,在初中阶段常用的有四个,always, usually,often,sometimes。现将它们的用法归纳如下:
  1.She is often late for school.
  2.He usually goes to bed at about 12.
  3.When do you usually get up in the morning?
  1.I sometimes think that it is a great mistake.
  2.Sometimes I help my mother in the house.
  We have been there quite often.
  I shall always remember my first day at school.
  What do you usually have for breakfast?
  Li Ping often does his homework in the afternoon.
  1.I sometimes go to the library.
  2.Sometimes I read a book in the evening.
三、频度副词与not连用时,表示部分否定;对频度副词进行提问时,要用how often。如:
  1.A great scholar is not always a very wise man.
  2.We go to the cinema sometimes.(
  How often do you go to the cinema?


1.总是,一直            2.通常            3.经常        

4.有时              5.很少              6.稀少         

7.几乎不                 8.从不               

二. 把句子填写完整

1. You forgot to do your homework. (rarely) 你几乎忘记了做你的作业。


2. English people shake hands. (seldom) 英国人很少握手。


3. He gets up at 6 o’clock every morning.(never)他每天早晨从来不在六点钟起床。


4. We have seen such a beautiful sunset. (rarely)我们很少看到如此美丽的日落。


5. They have breakfast at home. (seldom) 他们很少在家里吃早餐。


6. She is on time.( never) 她从来不守时。


7. Your grandparents go out for a walk. (hardly)你的爷爷奶奶几乎不出去散步。


 8. The sun rises in the west. (never) 太阳从来不在西边升起。


   1.How often does your sister surf the Internet?

      —About             .

A. three time  B. three times C. three time every day  D. three times a day

   2. When is your father going to Hong Kong?

       —He is going there    July  28th.

         A. on      B. at             C. in             D. to

   3. Thank you for        me find my little cat yesterday.

         A. help       B. helps    C. helped        D. helping

   4.Are you good at                  ?

      A. swim          B. swimming       C. to swim    D. swam

   5. Could I use your computer?


     A. Yes, I can.    B. Yes, you can’t   C. Sorry, you can’t    D. No, I can’t.

   6.          does it take you to watch TV?

         —About forty minutes.

         A. How long      B. How much       C. How often        D. How many

   7. I am very        because I dont like exercise.

          A. health       B. healthy     C. healthily   D. unhealthy

   8. Judy         a stomachache, so she       eat anything for twenty-four hours. 

       A. has; should            B. have; should   C. has; shouldn’t     D. have; shouldn’t

   9. My friend likes singing and talking with others. But I often stay at home to watch TV. So my friend is        than me.

          A. seriouser   B. more serious  C. calmer   D. more outgoing

   10. How does he get to work?    He       a bike.

        —How long does it       him to get from home to the office?

             —It            him 20 minutes.

A. rides; takes; takes  B. rides; take; takes  C. ride; takes; takes   D. ride; take; takes

   11. Does Babara go to work            bus or(           )foot?

          A. to; by    B. with; on           C. by; on      D. on; on

   12. My birthday is in(          ).

      A. Tuesday            B. April    C. March 3rd D. Monday

   13. (      )are you staying in Ottawa?    For two weeks.

        A. How long       B. How many         C. How often             D. How much

   14. Im short, so I want to be (              ) .

        A. heavier          B. larger       C. taller        D. bigger

   15. When it rains, I (         )a taxi.

     A. take             B. ride         C. by            D. sit



1. -Does Alice often work until 2 a.m.?

-No, she ________ does.

A. nearly          B. certainly         C. seldom          D. always

4. –I didn’t know you take a bus to school.

-Oh, I ______ take a bus, but it is snowing today.

A. hardly          B. never            C. sometimes        D. usually

9. -Were you often late for school last term, Tom?

-No, _______. I got to school early every day.

A. Always       B. Usually          C. Sometimes         D. Never

10. –How often do you go to a concert?

-_______ ever. I’m not interested in that at all.

A. Usually         B. Hardly           C. Almost

13. -John sings so well. Has he ever been trained?    

-No. He learns all by himself. He­­ ________ goes to any training class.    

A. usually         B. often                C. never                 D. even

15.  –Miss Gao is very popular with her students.

-Yes. Her classes are ______ lively and interesting.

A. seldom         B. never            C. sometimes         D. always

19.  We are going to have a party ________ next week.

A. sometime        B. some time        C. sometimes         D. some times

21.  Sandy is so careful that she ________ makes mistakes in her homework.

A. usually          B. seldom            C. often              D. always